Curriculum vitae Lars Winther

danish artist and poet

2019   "Fremtidens Nursing Home" Noerresundby, Denmark. Pop up Exhibition with Jazz music and secret artists talk. Curator and Exhibitions Coordinator. 

2019   Aalborg Kloster. International Exhibiton. Curator and Exhibition Coordinator.

2019   Maniitsoq Museum. Maniitsoq, Greenland. Group Exhibition. "Music between portraits" Curated. 

2019   Ammassalik Museum, Tasilaq, greenland. Group exhibition. Curated. 

2019   Kunst på Oeland. group Exhibition.

2019   Nuuk Local Museum. Audiovisuelle Work "The Ugly Ducking"

2019   Nuuk Local Museum. Solo Exhibition. Portraits in Watercolors. 

2019   Nuuk Local Museum. Nuuk, Greenland. Group Exhibition. Painting.

2018   Aalborg Kloster. Group Exhibition. Audiovisulle Work "The nun and the Monk". Curated by Lars Winther

2018   Galleri Inuit, Aalborg, Denmark. Group Exhibition. Curator 

2018   Paamiut Museum, Paamiut, Greenland. Paintings and Audiovisuel Work. Curated. Group Exhibition.

2018   H C Andersen Festival, Odense, Denmark. Paintings, Installation Art,              Audiovisuel Work. Curated.

2018   Reading own poetry. "Kunsten", Museum of Modern Arts. Aalborg Denmark                     

2018   Method of developing an audiovisual work. The Danish performing Arts school´s education.                    Odsherred Theatre school. Denmark

2018   Qeqertarsuaq Museum, Greenland. Group Exhibition.

2017   Maniitsoq Museum, Maniitsoq, Greenland. Group Exhibition. 

2017   Frederikshavn Museum, Denmark. Group Exhibition with members of                                                      Artistic Counsil

2017   Bratskov Mansion, Brovst, Denmark. Group Exhibition.

2017   Ordkraft, Nordkraft, Aalborg, Denmark. Literature and poetry festival 

2017   Exposition Internationale, Salons Libres Europenne,

          Palast Galerie, Berlin, Germany. Group exhibition.

2017   Galerie Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, Denmark, group exhibition.

2017   Vice chairman, Artistic counsil, Aalborg Kunstpavillon, Denmark.

2017   Member of the Board, Artistic Counsil, Aalborg Kunstpavillon, Denmark.

2016   Dronninglund Castle, Denmark. Group exhibition and work shop.

2016   Solo exhibition, Ilulissat Art Museum, Ilulissat, Greenland

2016   Assumed in The Artistic Counsil, Aalborg Kunstpavillon, Denmark

2016   Art in Oeland, Oeland, Denmark. Group exhibition.

2016   Art in Hasseris, Aalborg, Denmark. Group exhibition.

2016   "Nordkraftudstillingen", Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg, Denmark

         Juried exhibition. Supported by The Danish Art Counsil. 

2016   Galleri Vert Galant, Paris, Frankrig. Group Exhibition 

2016   "Exposition International de Prestige" March 18. - 20.

          L`Espace Pierre Cardin, Champ Elyssèes, Paris, France.

2016   Solo exhibition Vana-Voromaa Kultuurikojas, Voru Museum, Voru


          Curated by Art Historian, Museum inspektor Gregor Taul, Viljandi, 


2015    Museum Represended, Betti Alver Museum, Jogeva, Estonia.

          The painting "The Ugly Duckling"

2015    Solo exhibition Betti Alver museum, Jogeva, Estonia.              

          Curated by Art Historian, Museum inspektor Gregor Taul, Viljandi,    


2015   Limfjorden juried Autumms Exhibition, Struer, Denmark.

2015   Galleri Inuit, Aalborg, Denmark. Group exhibition, summerexhibition. 

2015   Museum Represented, Kondas Centre, Museum of Naive Art, Viljandi,                                              Estonia. The painting "Williams Wimbledon Wosniacki".

2015   Solo exhibition Kondas Centre, Museum of Naive Art, Viljandi, Estonia.

         Curated by Ar Historian, Museum inspektor Gregor Taul, Tallinn, Estonia              

2015   The paintings "Sometimes" and "Så kører det rundt igen"

          is exhibited in the juried Easter Exhibition for proffessionel artist (KP)

          in Aarhus Kunstbygning (House of contemporary art in Aarhus) 

          Denmark, sponsored by the Danish Art Counsil.   

2015   Limfjorden Spring Exhibition, Lemvig, Denmark

2015   Ordkraft, Nordkraft, Aalborg, Denmark. Literature and poetry festival

2015   Galleri Inuit, Aalborg, Denmark. Group exhibition.

2015   Founder of "Metamorphosis Naive Art" as an art form

2014   Limfjordens juried Autumms exhibiton, Struer, Denmark

2014   Exhibition, Hunnebostrand, Sweden, Hunnebostrand Farg

2011   Painting "Haraldslund" donated to Aalborg Sports Museum, 

          Aalborg Idræts Arkiv, Aalborg Denmark. 

2011   Exhibition Broendsalen, The Royl Garden Society, Frederiksberg-

2011   The painthings "Haraldslund", "Kreta" and "Summer with love"

          is exhibited in the juried exhibition "Den censurerede Kunstudstilling"                                           in Aalborg.

2010   Poetry collection "Feelings in colors"

2010   The paintings "Summer somewhere with palms" and "Status Que"

          is exhibited in the juried exhibition Easthimmerland 2010.

2010   International exhibition in Gallery Tara, Kew, Victoria,

2010   Decoration: Waitingroom Salvation Army, Aalborg.  
2010   The paintings "Leftright" and "Downturns" is exhibited
          in the juried exhibition "Den censurerede    

          Kunstudstilling 2010" in Aalborg, Denmark.
2010   The pantings "Contemporary Naive Art -1  2010 and
          "Contemporary Naive art -2  2010 is exhibited in the juried exhibition                                             in Vendsyssel Censurerede 2010,  Hjoerring, Denmark.  
2010   Represented by Gallery KHR, Borje Sundbakken, i Hamar, Norway.
2009   Paints the Special Honour`s Prize for President
         Lula da Silva, Brazil for Galleri Nyhavn.
         Painthing is titled "Rio de Janeiro for Olympic 
         City 2016.
2009   Represented by Galleria "La Fruteria" in Barcelona
2009   Paints the painting "Bull`s Eye" for Galleri Nyhavn`s
         Honour Prize for Archery World Cup Final, 26th   
         September in Copenhagen, Denmark.
         During the World Cup Final, this painting was
         exhibited in the VIP-lounge as well as during the offical
         lunch in Charlottenburg followed by the Prize ceromony
         held the following evening in the ballrom of the
         Academy og Fine Arts.
2009   Represented by "Galleri Nyhavn 18" in Copenhagen,
2009   Founder of "Contemporary Naive Art" as an art form. 
2008   Published the book "Det Glade Vanvid".
2008   The painting "Out og Africa" is exhibited in the
         juried exhibition in Centre og Contemporary Art,
         Dronninglund, Denmark. 
2008   International exhibition at "Boligliv" en Broenderslev,
         Denmark with artists from Denmark, Iceland,  
         Greenland, Faroe Island and Russia. Exhibits paintings
         and selected reading of own poetry in Danish, Icelandic
         and russian.
2008   The painting "Min:By" is exhibited in the juried
         Easter Exhibition for proffessionel artists (KP) in
         Aarhus Kunstbygning (House of Contemporary Arts
         Aarhus) Denmark, sponsored by the Danish Art Counsil.
2007   Exhibition af sculpture on the Skagerrak Sculpture
         Festival in Hirshals, Denmark. Decorates 72 tiles with
         own poetry and philosophical prose on "Sansetaarn".
         (Tower of senses) together with Icelandic artist
         Anna Johannsdottìr. 
2006   Art exhibition "Nordic Moods" in Galeria "La Fruteria" 
         in Barcelona, Spain with "Rebels form the North"
         sponsored by the Danish Embassy in Madrid and funded
         by "Regina Isabella`s foundation". Reads own poetry in 
         spanish. This exhibition had participating artist from
         Denmark, Sweden, Greenland, Faroe Island, Iceland,
         Norway and Germany and , mentioned on Google with
2006   Art exhibition in the castle of Noerlund (Denmark)
         with international participation of artists of 13 
         different nationalities. Co-orginizes the exhibition.

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Hvor kan man købe din bog "det glade vanvid"?
Jeg kan erindre nogle af de personer fra min barndom og ungdom:)

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De grønlandske billeder er geniale!

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Hej Lars. Er begejstret for emnerne i dine billeder.
Jeg er selv gået over til at have et tema i mine billeder.